The Sounds of Thunder Annual, 2019

The Sounds of Thunder Annual, 2019

The Sounds of Thunder Annual, 2019

Release Date: 14th December 2018

Starring actor, writer and stand up comedien, the wonderful Toby Hadoke, along with Simon Messingham and Alistair Lock, and many others.

Yes! It's that time of year again. Join Uncle Spanky in his bungalow as he introduces your old favourites - and some new treats!
An emergency operator receives silent calls.
A mysterious Christmas present is given.
Two 'gentlemen' take betting to the limit.
A man thinks he's Father Christmas.
Doctor Sinister finally returns, in TWO world dominating stories!
And Lord Macfadyan, Cre'at, and Lilly find that their futures are before them in an old, haunted house. Beware the Judder Man....

Directed by Alistair Lock, Helen Stirling, and Siobhan Gallichan

Producer Siobhan Gallichan

Edited by Chris Walker-Thompson, Ben Henderson, Ned Warren, David Nagel, and Siobhan Gallichan

Music by Simon A Brett, Ben Henderson, Ned Warren, and Siobhan Gallichan.

The Buccaneer Chronicles series one, 'Dancing with Crystal Reflections' - coming soon.
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